About Charterhouse

Our House

Great people are at the heart of every successful business.

It is this belief to invest in our team at Charterhouse that makes it possible for us to provide our clients with professional, specialized and tailored executive search services.

Our Story

Charterhouse was formed in 2003 in Australia and it has established itself as a reputed recruitment specialist in its industry. With footprints in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East, we offer professional and bespoke contingency and retained search services across a variety of industrial sectors.

Our Recruitment Philosophy

‘Rewarding, enriching relationships’

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Our clients benefit from the individual consultant's industry and market knowledge, and wealth of professional experience, in addition to the contacts and networks that they have built over the years. The team is also ideally placed to provide value-added services on such topics as salary and market trends, and on candidate pool.

This vast experience and industry expertise and knowledge enable our consultants to identify and present the highest quality candidates to our clients, in line with their business objectives and culture.

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Our Singapore Office

With a highly developed economy that for decades has revolved around finance, Singapore till this day continues to be an international financial center and trading hub. Strategically located, Singapore is well placed to serve the fast-growing Asia Pacific region, and it has cemented its importance as a strategic link and gateway for global investors. Additionally, Singapore offers a pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure, cost-competitiveness, as well as a highly skilled and cosmopolitan labour force.

2006 saw the launch of the Singapore office, perfectly complementing our offices across the Middle East (launched in 2004), as well as Australia (launched in 2003). Our office in the Central Business District quickly proved to be the ideal environment from which to grow our Asian footprint. Just a year later in 2007, the Group launched its Hong Kong office.

Blending global expertise with an international network of offices, we offer a truly consultative and value-added recruitment service. Feedback from both our clients and candidates has been immensely positive – a benchmark of excellence not only within an extremely competitive industry, but also one that is measured against our rigorous standards.

Charterhouse supports and enhances our Clients’ requirements, our Candidates’ aspirations and our Colleagues’ needs.

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In People We Invest


Our focus is always in understanding our clients’ requirements. Charterhouse’s team of qualified specialist recruitment consultants ensure that our clients are provided with top quality recruitment, staffing and training support. We seek and provide the right personal fitment resulting in better work synergies ensuring organisational and monetary returns. We also provide tailor-made recruitment solutions to our clients across different verticals.


We are passionate about placing our candidates in the right job, as we believe that every candidate is unique and brings with them an expanse of experience that will benefit potential employers. Through research and accurate mapping between the candidate and the client, Charterhouse is well poised to play a pivotal role in helping our candidates carve out a rewarding career path.

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Charterhouse believes that its people are its greatest assets – all our consultants are highly dynamic and experienced professionals who go through a meticulous selection process to help ensure that we employ the right people for our business. We also believe in investing in our people to equip them with the relevant resources to help them succeed in their roles. In return, our clients receive an unparalleled recruitment expertise and service from Charterhouse.

Our valued researchers play a crucial role in providing support to the consultants to keep in touch with the latest flow of talent pool, candidate management and staying up to date on latest industrial trends. Another key group of employees are our business administrative staff, who form the backbone of our organisation and help to ensure smooth and efficient daily operations.

At Charterhouse, we invest in careers.

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