Our Recruitment Cycle

Sourcing of Talent

  • Conduct research, market mapping and direct headhunts from talent pool.

  • Business networking and referrals.

  • In-house global international database.

  • External channels which include job portals, career sites, media adverts, business associations and professional bodies.


Interview Process

  • Stringent face-to-face candidate profiling.

  • Provide situational, behavioural and/or competency interviews.

  • Provide feedback on candidate expectations and/or misalignments with client offers.


Offer & Acceptance

  • Provide customised consultation to ensure mutual consensus in the best interests of both the client and the candidate.

Cycle Offer


  • Maintain an on-going professional relationship with both clients and candidates.

  • Provide clients with industry market updates.

  • Provide an impartial channel for placed candidates to share their feedback.

Cycle Continuity


  • Establish a genuine working relationship between Charterhouse and client.

  • Align clients' needs and expectations with Charterhouse consultative services.

Cycle Partnership