If you are about to start your career and reading this, you are in luck. You have probably been taught since young that going to good schools, and getting good grades will eventually land you a good job with loads of opportunities in the corporate world.

This may be far from the truth.

Firstly, everyone around you is given the same mantra by their parents and if everyone does well in school, you are essentially in the same tank seeking the same opportunities as others. So how do you land yourself that first great job amongst the competition and climb that corporate ladder effectively?

Get Noticed

Have powerfully written resume that will show your unique strengths and provide examples to present your relevant skill sets for the job that you are applying for. You may check out the previous articles on resume writing

Position Yourself

Once you get that job, it is time to get noticed and be ready to take advantage; you must position yourself as someone who wants to grow within the company. Appropriately communicating your ambition to your managers will allow you to be considered when an opportunity comes up.

Be a Learner

Having a growth mindset is important. Truly good leaders are constantly learning. Read everything you can about your field and your industry. Networking events are also great learning environments where your peers from the industry can share a tip or two that can help you create value in your current work.

Understand That No Task is Below You

A can-do attitude is essential to furthering a career. Never neglect your own tasks, but if you see that someone was overloaded or could use an extra hand with a task, dig in and offer to help.

It is so common to see employees complaining “That’s not my job”. Always have an entrepreneur mindset to position yourself as a collaborator who wants to grow your role, be an ally to fellow employees and encourage cohesion.

Play Well with Others

Teamwork. Company leaders will notice if someone has the ability to break down barriers and connect with people. Over the course of a career, you never know who’s eventually going to help you with a recommendation, an introduction, or valuable advice. Being active in company social events, sports teams, and sponsored charities exposes you to more people who can help along the way.

While several skills are necessary to every person’s progress up the corporate ladder, the most essential thing you can do is take responsibility for your own career success. You have a significant number of competitors, many of whom are just as (if not more) qualified for the job or for the promotion you seek. Be patient and yet don’t be afraid to seek greener pastures when necessary.