There seems to be an emerging trend to use Artificial intelligence (AI) for recruiting. This emerging category of HR technology is designed to reduce or remove seemingly time-consuming manual resumes screening. So, the question is, has this trend disrupted the hiring process significantly?

AI for recruiting, simply put, is using a set of algorithms used to filter through tons of resumes which recruiters or hiring managers receive from applicants for specific roles respective companies are looking to fill. It also allows hirers to interact with candidates digitally to assess their fit. Variables are keyed into the screening software which helps recruiters filter out ineligible candidates quickly and fast-track those selected candidates through the essential hiring process.

Some Benefits of using AI:

1. Saving recruiters’ time by automating high-volume tasks

2. Improving the quality of hire through standardized job matching

3. Streamlines recruitment workflow

4. Potentially reduce the cost of hire

​Some Challenges on AI Implementation:

1. Requires a lot of data (for machine learning) for accuracy

2. Cannot determine cultural misfit of potential applicants

3. Screening variables are inaccurately selected due to system misinterpretation

In summary, AI will change the recruiter role through augmented intelligence which will allow recruiters to become more proactive in their hiring, and improve their relationships with hiring managers by using data. However, this will unlikely replace the need to have experienced recruiters to match the right candidates to specific roles with respect to the cultural fit of the companies they are hiring for.