E.G.A.D.I.M. is a 6-step “Financial Planning” process used by wealth planners to

1. Establish rapport and build a positive relationship with the client
2. Gather information required during the meeting
3. Analyze information gathered
4. Develop a plan of actions
5. Implement the plan accepted by the client
6. Monitor and follow up

Whether this is the first conversation with a new prospect or an existing client of many years, wealth planners must establish rapport with the client in the first couple of minutes and create warmth and positive setting to gather the necessary information required for their sales pitch.

In the same token, interviewees who are going for their first interview can adopt the same technique above to ace their interview. Here is how they can use it with some modification:

1. Establish rapport and build a positive impression with the interviewer
2. Gather sufficient information on that specific role
3. Analyze information gathered and establish what problems can you (the candidate) provide solutions for
4. Develop and suggest possible solutions to the problems identified
5. Identify other non-work related qualities that the interviewer is looking for
6. Monitor and follow up closely with the interviewer

Much like every sales conversation with a new prospect, your first conversation with an interviewer can be tough. The fact that they agreed to meet with you in the first place is a great sign. Your interview success hinges on your ability to lead an effective first conversation and leaving a positive first impression.