So, you have been offered a job from not one but two companies.   Your efforts in polishing that CV and shining in the interviews have finally paid off.  You feel exhilarated and the envy of your friends and peers.  But what they don’t understand is just how stressful this can be for you.   You are now being put into a position to decide which job is the better fit and your thought process goes into overthinking mode.  You also fear that you are potentially missing out a better opportunity on the offer that you are considering rejecting.  Fret not.  Here are some questions that will guide you through the evaluation process and identify your priorities.

1.         Salary and Benefits Package

While salary may not always be the deciding factor but it’s important to know if the salary offered is one that you will happily accept.  Other cash compensation can come in the form of bonuses and stock options.  Then there are the usual benefits like health insurance and dental coverage. 

2.         Career advancement opportunities

While a big salary package can be tempting, it’s also important that you spend some time looking at the potential opportunities to advance in your career.  Is there any potential for growth in the role or within the company?  Or Would you be happy doing the same task routinely all the time?

3.         Observations from the interviews

Most of the time during interviews, it is easy to identify any red flags that might make you think twice.  Some of these signs could be the kind of questions being asked.  Are the questions being asked from a given list and are repeated by the multiple interview rounds you have to go through?  Or are the questions reflecting the keen interest in understanding what you can contribute?  If you have the interviews in the office, you will be able to pick up some vibes on the culture of the company.  Does everyone look energetic or there’s a lack of energy in the office.  If your interviews are held during lunchtime or after office hours, you will be able to observe if the employees are working through lunch or late in the evening.  This will give you a good sense of the work-life balance of the company.

Being offered a job is exciting and having multiple job offers is awesome and you should really be proud of yourself.  It’s natural to feel overwhelmed during the decision-making process.  Using the above framework should help to ease the stresses and help you make logical decision.