If you are in the camp that you should work on vacations, here are five reasons in support of your decision:

1. It is less boring than going out in the Sun

Some of us simply just want to chill with a beer in hand enjoying the breeze and yet we get pulled away to some family beach volleyball game.  It is a better excuse to have a laptop in front of you to “work” than to be out in the Sun getting scorched by it.

2. The non-stop shopping is bad for your legs!

Clocking steps are good (you need at least 10,000 steps daily), but when you have to walk from 9am-5pm on shopping-type vacation destinations like Bangkok, Thailand, you are definitely overworking those legs.  But, I bet you would not mind “working” on your laptop while having a foot massage while the rest of your family and friends shop to their heart content.

3. Transiting between places takes time

Now, this is very true.  Traveling time between tourist attractions can be long.  With the improved internet connectivity worldwide, it can be a good time-killer to start working when everyone else is fast asleep in the ride.

4. You are in Sales, Clients need you

This is a tough call; some clients simply do not read “Out of Office” messages from your automated email replies.  Or worse, they have your personal mobile number.  And since they cannot tell if you are having an overseas vacation or a local staycation, you better be ready to receive those sales calls (which adds to your performance bonus).

5. You have deadlines to meet

Come on, everyone who works has deadlines. Is that a good excuse to bring work on vacations?  Well, if it makes you less stressful and better enjoy your vacation, just bring your work.


Now, to sum it up, here’s why you SHOULD NOT bring work on vacations:

Most of us do not work anything less than the 40-hour work week. Minus off the travel time between work and rest time, we barely have enough time to spend with our friends and loved ones.  If you are still using vacation time to do work, are you implying that your work is more important than spending quality time with them?  Time passes by quickly, do not live to regret missed moments of memories created with people that are important to you.