Are you working in the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore?  If so, how do you typically get to work?  Some of us drive to work, while others may take public transport to our office.  But do you know all the different type of public transport available that goes to CBD?  Let’s have a look at the following list:

1.     Mass Rapid Transit (East-West Line / North-South Line / Circle Line / Downtown Line)

2.     Public Bus Service

3.     The 7 different Taxi Service (Comfort / CityCab / Prime / Yellow-top / SMRT / TransCab / Premier)

4.     Grab / Go-Jek / Ryde

5.     River Taxi – I bet most of you did not know about this!



River Taxis have been in operation for a long time, primarily serving tourists crowd.  In recent years, commuters who work in the CBD area started to notice that these River Taxis also provide convenient commute to their work in town. 

There are two operators currently offering River Taxi services, Singapore River Cruise and WaterB.  Not only do they provide a cost-efficient journey to your office in CBD, you will be able to avoid the morning road traffic and also immerse in an amazing view traveling along the Singapore River.  Do note the timing and frequency of these boat rides at whichever jetty you set off from.

Have fun River Cruising to work!