About two weeks ago, Singapore’s Manpower Minister, Mrs Josephine Teo, provided updates to the Parliament about initiatives aimed at helping workers keep pace with economic restructuring and technological disruptions.

She also touched on a programme launch in April 2018 that makes it easier for job seekers to try out new careers which will now include part-time positions.  Coined as the Career Trial programme, an enhancement of the Work Trial scheme, it provides job seekers with training allowance for up to three months as they take up one of the applicable jobs (for employment paying $1,500 or more) on a trial basis.  

These job seekers will receive a bonus if they stay at the job for at least three months after the trial, according to a Workforce Singapore (WSG) factsheet.  Now, here is the good news: this programme also dishes out salary support to employers.

Mrs Teo said that this Career Trial programme helps job seekers and employers get to know each other better before signing on the dotted line.  This will benefit job seekers who have caregiving responsibilities and also help employers become more comfortable managing part-time workers.  


  • Singapore Citizen (SC)
  • Actively seeking employment on a permanent basis prior to commencing Career Trial
  • Unemployed before commencing and during Career Trial
  • At least 16 years old, have completed full-time studies and National Service (if applicable)
  • Must be a registered client of WSG/NTUC’s e2i or have participated in any WSG/NTUC’s e2i career events, workshops for the past 6 months before commencement of Career Trial.

Training Allowance:

  • $7.50 – $15/hour, from 16 hours to up to 480 hours

Retention Incentive for Individuals:

  • One-off $500 incentive for jobseekers who stay in the same job for ≥3 months retention
  • One-off additional $1,000 incentive for jobseekers who stay in the same job for ≥6 months retention (only for unemployed SC who have been actively looking for jobs for 6 months or more)

Note: Eligible jobseekers will not receive CPF contributions as there is no formal employer-employee relationship between the host employer and the jobseekers during the Career Trial.

How will this Career Trial programme benefit your business?

  • Additional avenue to hire SCs
  • Assess jobseekers’ job fit before offering formal employment paying $1,500 or more
  • Salary Support to Employers: 30% of monthly salary for up to 6 months, capped at $5,400 per hire, for employers who hire unemployed SC who have been actively looking for jobs for 6 months or more

Can your business register as a host employer under Career Trial programme?

  • Your company must be legally registered or incorporated in Singapore, with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) registered with ACRA
  • Your company must be actively hiring for jobs paying $1,500 or more
  • Your company can offer employment to suitable jobseekers on permanent terms or on contract terms that are no less than one (1) year after completion of Career Trial programme

Host employers will need to provide a customised work trial between 16 to up to 480 hours per Career Trial position.  You can find out more via this link: http://www.wsg.gov.sg/content/dam/ssg-wsg/wsg/programmes/career_trial/Career%20Trial_Infokit_Company_3.0_20181008.pdf