Work is no longer just about paying the bills. Making up the majority of the workforce today,
Millennials and Gen Z workers are on the lookout for purpose-filled careers and humanised
workplaces where they feel valued.

This shift in mindset is set to usher in a new dawn of people-centric workplaces, one that ensures workers are engaged, interested, and motivated. During a pandemic where workplaces are shifting towards hybrid or remote working arrangements and staff begin to feel detached,
nurturing a people-centric climate becomes more crucial than ever to continually attract and retain top talent.

People-centricity drives successful businesses

First and foremost, fostering a people-centric culture keeps employees engaged and motivated,
driving up workplace productivity, among other perks. Research by Gallup Organization finds
that more engaged employees report lower turnover rates, lower absenteeism, higher
productivity, and higher profitability.

Further, by investing in your people, you are investing in the growth of your company as well.
Ensuring avenues for growth continually creates a more adept and competitive workforce. It also encourages your staff to play an active role in their own development, and that of the

Senior Vice President of the Sales & Marketing and Digital & Tech Division at Charterhouse,
Patricia Tan, encourages growth by continually challenging her team.

“I like to stretch them to reach for more…to give them the opportunity to grow and flex different
muscles under me,” she explains. “We are constantly challenging one another to ensure that we do not get complacent at any point.”

Finally, fostering a people-centric workplace allows organisations to groom natural brand
ambassadors, something which American-based company Atlassian does well in this regard;
95% of its staff say they are proud to tell others where they work.

Beyond creating a happy workforce, Atlassian is creating organic brand ambassadors through
each of their employees, contributing to a stellar employer brand that will continue to reap
rewards through talent attraction. Results don’t lie; Atlassian grew its staff by 80% in a single
year, a feat in the highly competitive tech recruiting market.

People-centricity in recruitment

While people-centric workforces are paramount in talent attraction and retention, there is one
step in the process that should not be neglected – recruitment. For most, if not all, employees, the first point of contact with a company will be during their time as a candidate. And these
experiences as candidates have far-reaching effects on a company’s brand and reputation.

A survey by CareerArc finds that 72% of candidates with poor candidate experiences shared
them online or with somebody, and that 64% of these individuals would subsequently be less
likely to consume goods and services from the organisation.

On the contrary, positive experiences develop brand advocates. A poll by Software Advice
reveals that a positive candidate experience encourages nearly 70% of candidates to post a
positive Glassdoor review, and nearly 90% of candidates to tell others to apply to the company.

Fostering a people-centric culture thus needs to begin at recruitment. But how can you do so?

The people-centric method of recruitment

Deborah Mason, Senior Vice President of Global Talent at talent management software firm PageUp, recommends keeping communications with candidates open and honest.

“Set the expectations,” she urges. “The way that companies treat their people, the way that they focus on the cultural elements will have a huge impact on an employer brand.”

Ms Tan chimes in: “Honesty is the best policy.”

“It’s not about making the placement now and enjoying the fruits in the short run. We are in this
business for the long run,” she adds.

It is this long-term perspective that continues to drive home the importance of people-centricity.
Ultimately, a company’s management may have their own priorities to ensure business
profitability and sustainability, but it is its people that underpins a business’ success and sets it
apart from its competitors.

At Charterhouse, people are at the heart of all we do. Our innovative solution portfolio combined with a client-centric approach, strategic partnerships with industry leading vendors and technology expertise gives our customers confidence that we will deliver every time.

Through a high-touch process, we listen attentively to each candidate and organisation to
understand your needs.

Building strong relationships with both candidates and clients allows us to ensure compatible
placements and personalised solutions. Whether it is re-assessing and reorganising your current recruitment strategy, or providing tailored guidance to candidates to ace their next interview, Charterhouse brings clarity and purpose to your organisation and career.