Ask any human resource (HR) professional what their job scope constitutes and most, if not all, will list recruitment as one of the key roles. Recruitment is vital to the viability of any organisation, and crucial to its long term success in a rapidly changing marketplace.

This is why HR professionals are constantly on a lookout for fresh talent, and ways to engage valuable employees who are already on payroll. Besides promoting employee wellness and building a strong company culture, one necessary component of attracting and retaining talent is career development.


But first, what is career development?

Career development is the process of upskilling and progressing along a chosen career path. While employees are oftentimes responsible for their own career development, companies can help them along by offering clear career pathways, training opportunities, and more.

Career development is highly valued by HR professionals, to the extent that supporting the career development and growth of employees is mandated by the Philosophy of HR Management.


Why is career development important?

Employees seek companies who prioritise career development. In fact, a whopping 94% of employees say that they will stay longer at a company if it invested in their career, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report. On the contrary, more than 80% of employees would quit their jobs for better development opportunities.

Offering your employees professional development opportunities can also increase engagement and job satisfaction, making them more motivated and productive in the workplace.

Besides helping employees become the best versions of themselves and achieve their fullest potential, investing in their career development has numerous perks for your business as well.

For one, investing in career development means that your employees are constantly improving themselves and their skills. This only serves to add value to your company, as they become better workers and managers.

Career development is also an attractive selling point for potential hires. 59% of individuals are willing to accept a new job with a strong career path and more opportunities for growth.

Employees who see a long-term growth plan stay longer in companies, which also means that you can save on training new employees. By upskilling existing employees, you ensure greater consistency in your organisation, and greater productivity.


The need for personalised career development

Employees walking in through a company’s doors come in with different sets of expectations, goals, and priorities. It is important for companies to understand each employee’s unique skill sets and goals when finding ways to develop their career.

For instance, some employees may be looking to broaden their skillsets. A writer may be looking to gain complementary skills such as graphic design or marketing; or an IT specialist may want to keep up with the trends and learn about AI and 5G.

Meanwhile, other employees may be looking to deepen their existing skills. Otherwise, some may be looking for leadership opportunities to climb the career ladder.

To create an attractive career development pathway, employers should take the time to speak with their employees regularly to check in on their goals. They can also support employees in their career development by providing them with feedback, jointly setting career targets, and being transparent about their career progression pathway.


How Charterhouse can help your career

‘People’ is one of Charterhouse’s core values. This extends to our own staff, as well as our candidates. We go the extra mile to understand what every candidate is looking for in their career and pair them with a suitable role to help them thrive.

To ensure that we understand your needs and goals, we perform a detailed job analysis for every candidate. Meanwhile, our large database of clientele and wide network allows us to cast a wide net to find a role that meets your specifications.

If you are looking for a change, reach out to us today. We promise, we are here to help you succeed.